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KSD original VV&VW telescope, Kmax
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Variable Voltage: 3v-6v
Variable Wattage: 3w-15w   

KSD Kmax specification

1. our Kmax can work with 1pc 18350, 18650, 18500 or 2pcs 18350 batteries.

2.variable voltage 3.0v-6.0v

   variable wattage 3.0w-15w

3.Kmax can test the resistance of the atomizer as well

4.both the display and system can be locked

5.the top ring is removeable , so our Kmax can fit all the 510/ego thread atomizers

6.Hidden display, only 1 button, make the Kmax looks very nice and luxury

7.Display functionality. It can display the battery voltage,output voltage, atomizer impedance and output power.

8.when the Kmax is shorted, the display will show "F1", when the atomizer resistance is less than 1.2Ω,the display will show "F2"

9.when the voltage is higher then 9v, it shows"HHH', when the battery need to be charged it shows "LoU".

KSD Kmax Advantage

1. Etelescope mod, can be short or long as you like

2.can work with 3 kinds of batery

3.luxury design

4. Protective function for the reverse connection of battery

5.the top ring can be take off, make the Kmax can fit all the 510/ego thread atomizer

6.different bottom cap

How to use KSD Kmax

Kmax operatin.pdf

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