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Vamo V8(25W)

KSD Yihi Chip Vamo Passthrough 25W Vamo PT


Color: Stainelss steel, Black Stainless steel


Battery: 1x18350, or 1x18650

Variable Wattage:7w-25w

Min resistancei : 0.3ohm

Micro USB

Yihi Chip

Protection: Protection functions: short protection, Reverse Battery Protection and low resistance protection.

How to USE:

1.Turn of/ off : Five clicks to turn ON and five clicks to turn off

2. Adjust wattage: Press the +/- button to increase/decrease the wattage, 0.1w each time

3. Locking : Press "+" and "-" button at the same time, it will be locked. Press "+" and "-" button again, it will be unlocked

4. Charging

>1. Take out the battery then charge with wall charger

>2. Connect USB cable to charge directly


When you turn on the screen, the OLED display battery strength, wattage  (XX.X W), voltage (X.X V), resistance (X.X )

When there is no atomizer, the OLED display NO ATOMIZER

When the working resistance is under 0.3, the OLED display LOW RES

When the atomizer is in short circuit, the OLED display Short

When you press the fire button and the battery voltage is <3V , the OLED

display show Low BAT

When input voltage is over 5v, OLED display show HHHHHHHH. High input voltage alarm.

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